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About Us

We’re certain that the combination of our our knowledge, our approach, and our technologies makes us the best choice to create and evolve your operational software.

Our Unfair Advantage

We have an unfair advantage that you get to adopt when working with us.

The time spent cutting our teeth and learning how best to deliver custom experiences for manufacturing businesses has meant we have:


A deep understanding of the operations of manufacturing and distribution businesses and how to model their processes in software.


A market leading set of technologies and technical capability that enable us to deliver fast and progressively – minimising time-to-value.


A continuous integration and continuous development (CI/CD) approach that constantly transforms employee ideas into usable software.

Our team

William Worrall


Operational Software Limited was founded by Will Worrall in 2019. Will has been involved in manufacturing businesses for over 12 years. He holds a Master’s degree in Engineering Mathematics from the University of Bristol. At university, he developed a love for software engineering and has since sought ways to improve manufacturing and distribution businesses through software.

Numan Javed

Software developer

Numan is a computer scientist by degree and a self-taught web developer who delivers features fast. Having joined Operational Software in 2023, he is particularly interested in software trends and is constantly evaluating technologies and software development approaches to help constantly improve our technology stack.