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Our relentless focus on the needs of manufacturing and distribution companies has resulted in a some state of the art technologies and a unique technological approach.

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OperationalEngineᵀᴹ (beta version): Unlock the power of a digital twin

More than MRP. Your OperationalEngineᵀᴹ uses real-time information on the state of manufacturing and distribution operations to output real-time recommendations that drive automations, alerts, notifications, and tasks throughout your organisation. OperationalEngineᵀᴹ is your digital twin that is passively updated during business-as-usual digital workflows.

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OperationalCoreᵀᴹ: Start with a head start

Built with a carefully curated set of open-source web technologies and our proprietary code, OperationalCoreᵀᴹ is a full-stack web application that is optimised for customisation and rapid feature development. It’s backed by an SQL database and leverages web technologies that have emerged as dominant and are here to stay.

OperationalCoreᵀᴹ is easily and securely accessed through any device with an up-to-date web browser. It is designed to be hosted on a single cloud server.

OperationalCoreᵀᴹ includes our OperationalEngineᵀᴹ as standard.


Introducing your OperationalPlatformᵀᴹ

Using our OperationalCoreᵀᴹ as an advanced starting point from which it begins its life, your OperationalPlatformᵀᴹ will become your unfair advantage through continuous development and innovation.

Your OperationalPlatformᵀᴹ maintains a back-reference to OperationalCoreᵀᴹ, making updates and advanced capabilities easy to adopt. Your OperationalPlatformᵀᴹ will be hosted on a single server that is managed by us but under your control.

OperationalPackagesᵀᴹ: building blocks that shorten time to value (TTV)

Thanks to our proprietary OperationalPackagesᵀᴹ, we build custom functionalities like the following in a matter of hours instead of days:


Dynamic forms with custom data validation

Control the format of input data and eliminate garbage in, garbage out (GIGO). Show, hide or change required fields based on currently inputted data.


Cloud-based Attachments

Always stored securely and encrypted at rest. Store any type of files and access them securely on any device. Preview PDFs and images with the hover of a mouse.


PDF generation from HTML

Create labels, documents, and reports. We create PDFs from HTML, meaning we have complete design flexibility. They can include barcodes, QR codes, images, or anything else that needs to be displayed.