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Pricing to maximise your ROI

Our pricing model has been developed to keep your costs predictable and unlock huge Return on Investment. We don’t believe in large up-front commitments. Rather, we move the cost of continuous improvement and digital transformation from CAPEX to OPEX.

How do we charge?

We charge for three things:


We charge a fixed monthly fee to license OperationalCoreᵀᴹ which bundles OperationalEngineᵀᴹ and OperationalPackagesᵀᴹ.

OperationalCoreᵀᴹ is the starting point for the development of your OperationalPlatformᵀᴹ and the source of security and general feature updates.

We charge for the time we spend creating custom code for your OperationalPlatformᵀᴹ.

We give estimates on enhancements and modifications. We believe in an Agile approach to development sprints short and feedback cycles tight. We focus on continuous improvement and fast iterations. We maximise solution suitability with this approach.

We charge on a monthly basis for hosting, support and maintenance.

a. The number of custom lines of code in your code base.

b. The compute power required to meet your usage levels.

c. The level of support you need.

Get started for FREE

We’re so confident you will love working with us that we will:


Deploy your OperationalPlatfromᵀᴹ with your branding


Build your first custom module in your OperationalPlatfromᵀᴹ


Provide 3 months of hosting, support and maintenance

For free with zero obligation.