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Custom software for manufacturing and distribution that drives growth

Transform workflows in the office and the shop floor.

Overhaul customer and supplier communications.

Accelerate all your operations.

a manufacturing company

The game-changing software for manufacturing and distribution businesses

The shape of your business’ workflows and operations are unique.

Using our OperationalEngineᵀᴹ and OperationalCoreᵀᴹ as an advanced starting point, your OperationalPlatformᵀᴹ will become unique to your business. You no longer have to shoehorn your business into software that wasn’t built for it.

Carry out the workflows and processes you need and innovate. Identify what can be optimised, and do it.

Benefit from continuous improvement that compounds with time – business as usual

So far, digital transformation in manufacturing and distribution businesses has been hard. Operational Software enables a new approach.

A graph to illustrate benefit from continuous improvement

The old way:


Pains exist for months or years with no change, just stressful planning


All-or-nothing new system implementation makes lots of painful changes all at once


Business realises value from change but software stays static — no continuous improvement

The new way:


Starts small and solves pains now with specific solutions


New enhancements and features build on previous success


Value generated compounds with time giving exponential results

Create your unfair advantage

We believe that unfair advantages separate market leaders from the rest. Unfair advantages create uniquely valuable businesses that have unrivalled customer loyalty.

The only way to create them: nurture internal knowledge into ideas that constantly drive innovation only your business benefits from.

Anyone can buy the off-the-shelf software you use.

No one can buy your innovations embedded into your OperationalPlatformᵀᴹ.

Our clients used to have your problems. Now they:

2 people working in a manufacturing company using technology

Drive efficiency with custom digital workflows

Custom digital workflows are easy and fast and verify data integrity before it’s stored. You no longer need error-prone spreadsheets or pen and paper for mission critical activities. Get full data transparency and eliminate garbage-in, garbage-out scenarios.


Empower everyone to make better decisions, faster

Data visibility through custom dashboards, workflows and notifications ensure everyone has the right information in front of them at the right time. No more blind decision making.


Use data to drive business decisions

Create custom KPIs that matter and add real-time visibility to drive strategic business decisions at a higher frequency. You no-longer have to allocate precious resources based on opinions, but based on facts.


Apply powerful minds to higher-value activities

Build automations for all rule-based workflows that don’t require human decision making. Benefit from great minds working on things that are going to move the needle. Don’t waste them on repetitive tasks.

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Partnering with Operational Software, we have jointly developed a number of modules which have enabled Batten and Allen to significantly improve the efficiency of our operation in a way that means we are no longer bound by off the shelf software products. In a matter of days we are able to transform ideas into functionality which benefits our customers and set us apart from our competitors.

Ian Mackinnon – CEO, Batten & Allen Limited